"Niran really knows how to motivate my son and increase his enjoyment of primary maths. Well-considered sessions, very reliable, fully recommend. I've seen my son flourish since working with Niran" 

"Niran is a great physics A level tutor. He has a lot of knowledge on the subject and takes genuine interest in them. He has helped me understand topics i was previously struggling on and is overall a great tutor. Would highly recommend."

Loukiani R | Guitar Lessons

"Niran is a patient and skilful teacher. His technical skill and musical knowledge offer a blend of practical and musical tuition which works well and is the hallmark of a skilled professional musician and teacher. I would recommend Niran to anyone thinking of taking their guitar playing to higher levels."

Lyndsey R | KS2 Maths

Kayaan M | A-Level Physics

Jacob S | A-Level Physics 

"Amazing. Subjects are explained clearly and in-depth. Definitely would recommend"

Csaba S | Music Theory

"Awesome, laid back tutor, my son is very pleased with their progression as well. Highly recommended"

Linda M | A-Level Physics

My son has been having Physics A-Level sessions with Niran. He is finding these sessions so worthwhile. Niran’s approach is person-centred (and this is extremely important for my son - who has ASD). Niran always provides comprehensive and appropriate sessions and ensures my son is happy with his learning. We are both more than pleased. (And it helps that sessions are reasonably priced and not extortionate👍🏻) thanks, Niran for all of your support - Top Marks from us.

Jenny Y | Guitar Lessons 

"Niran is an excellent guitar teacher. As a beginner, he makes everything feel really accessible, so I feel I improve week by week. He is easy-going, and the hour always flies by."

Natalie T | Music Theory

"Niran is a fantastic music teacher. He is very knowledgeable about music and really helps me understand how music works, how to break down and approach pieces of music, and he puts time into creating detailed and helpful resources. I would highly recommend him. He has also helped my younger cousin with his guitar, Niran showed him lots of little tricks that improved his playing immediately. We are all very impressed."

Aaron B | Bass Guitar Lessons

"Great person, makes things easy to understand and best of all patient"

Shraddha P | KS2&3 Maths

"My two boys absolutely love their sessions and I have seen a noticeable improvement in their engagement with the subject. They'll often without prompt ask me to test them on the latest topic that was covered and I'm so pleased with how much they're enjoying learning. Would definitely recommend NMP Tuition to anyone looking for that extra support for their kids."

Jason B | Bass Guitar Lessons

"I saw Niran playing a covers show and was blown away by his mastery of the instrument. Niran really opened my eyes to the correct way to play the bass guitar, and has motivated me to really take bass playing further. Niran has been wonderfully helpful and invested in our lessons. he's a cool dude and an excellent teach"

Aaron O | Bass Guitar Lessons

“Niran got me started on bass and put me on the right path to becoming the best bass player I can be. He showed me the best way to have solid technique and now I feel confident making music with others.”

Rufus P | A-Level Physics

"Great teaching, really takes the time to explain in a simple and easy to understand manner. would recommend"

Clarrissa S | Bass Guitar Lessons

"Niran is a brilliant music teacher. He teaches me the bass guitar in a clear, friendly and professional way. He has such a depth of knowledge in playing bass in all genres and quickly figures out what you need to learn as well as how you can best learn it. It's all been over Zoom at the moment but feels like we're just in the same room. I can't recommend Niran enough!"